Wholesale Biscochitos

Wholesale Biscochitos

Thank you for your interest in carrying  Bev’s Biscochitos.  All of The wonderful flavors of biscochitos  you see on our website are also available at wholesale prices.  Supplying your customers with the freshest Biscochitos available for any occasion, because once you see the reaction on your customers’ faces after they try one of our traditional Biscochitos they will become your customers favorite treat. Our biscochitos are  made fresh and available at any time you need them for Restaurants, gourmet shops,  caterers, restaurants, re-sellers, and distributors.

Bev’s biscochitos works with a number of retail outlets to supply the freshest Biscochitos to the public. We offer any retail market our fresh biscochitos at a wholesale cost that enables them to resale them at their own price and also advertise those retail markets in our advertising, on our website and on Facebook.

If your company needs biscochitos for resale contact us today so we can work with you in supplying your needs.  Our company sees take pride in our work and understand the importance of working together.  We deliver within the Albuquerque area and ship via ground service to all other areas.

We look forward to supplying your business with New Mexico’s State Cookie the Biscochito in the near future.

Facts About Our Product:

  • 3-month shelf life
  • Each dozen weighs approximately 8oz, we also have 2.4 oz, and 16 oz
  • Cookies have no added preservatives or chemicals.

Tasting samples are available upon request.

Please contact us at (505) 485-5268, or Contact us directly  [contact_form subject=”Wholesale”]  or email us at info@bevsbiscochitos.com  so we can  handle all of your wholesale needs.

Thanks for your interest in our delicious Biscochitos!

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