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Bev's Biscochitos is a family owned and operated company that strives to provide distinctively delicious biscochitos that melt in your mouth. The State of New Mexico has its very own baked treat.  The Biscochito is a traditional cookie  of past generations that is alive and well and Bev's Biscochitos provides biscochitos throughout the entire year.  We also offer  a wide range of unique flavors, such as Signature, NM Anise, NM Sangria with Anise, NM Apple Brandy with Anise, Signature with Sangria,and Signature with NM Brandy. Bev's strives to allow all to enjoy our cookies and offers Gluten Free and Vegan with Traditional and Signature options for both. 


Flavor of the Week

~Bev’s Biscochitos Signature Biscochitos: "These are delicious.  They have just the right around of cinnamon without being too much.  They are light and crispy and just delicious. With a Starbucks they’d be incredible." -- Orange Glad